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Audio Crack (Produced by Configa) [LP]

by Configa

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Intro 02:39
Audio Crack 04:04
Roaches 03:17
Fight Club 02:56
Green Power 04:12
Soulmate 05:09



THE CLASSIC ALBUM FROM THE AWARD WINNING BAND (2nd Annual Get 'Em Magazine Music Award Winners for 'Best Rap Group')


"It's not often that I get a group Rap project that embodies this much personality, influence, and talent. Slept On Fam has managed to successfully blend the musical influences of street credible rap acts like the Wu Tang Clan, Heltah Skeltah, De La Soul and Mobb Deep, with their own effusive style and flow

With carefully integrated samples that are laced throughout this project and strategically placed in their organic production, they consistently deliver tracks that showcase identity, skill, and depth that both new and old school hip-hop lovers can appreciate. This is a healthy (audio) crack epidemic that the industry can benefit from"

- Music Insider, Gian Fiero (

"...Configa and his splendiferous sonic scenery...What makes Configa so good? Really, anything that ever made Premier or Large Pro so good. Don't take it as direct comparison, but when he's at peak form, the sampling is superb - whether it be the indulgent disco/funk cut and paste on 'That 70's Joint' or descending xylophone of 'Beginning to End'. His cuts during hooks are fitting, and the drum patterns are precise, hard, and oh so dusty. Blending seamlessly with his samples, Configa's percussion serves a purpose beyond keeping beat. Of course, none of this would matter if the verses fell flat, and thankfully they do anything but.

'Green Power' is a classically approached take on cash, easily but unexpectedly holding attention ("for money in my pockets, I'll bootleg my own group's CD so I ain't gotta share the profit"). Configa gets a pass even adopting the sample AND title from Quasimoto's version, seeing that he tops it. 'Lot of Love Lost' is Blackalicious' 'Deception' slightly flipped, with guest Estee Nack playing the starry-eyed hopeful: "they say I'm overzealous - I don't even know the meaning All I know is I hate the feeling waking up from dreaming."

'Audio Crack' starts strong and goes out harder than it came, beats and rhymes coming full circle for a very satisfying close. It isn't that the cream filling isn't tasty; Arsenal has a tight 2:00 solo shot, Chino XL drops by to (continue to) reinvent the punch line, and Configa elegantly intertwines reggae and rap on 'From the Bottom'; it's just that the breading on either side is sinfully delicious...'Audio Crack' might be one of the strongest albums of the year. It's a geuinely cohesive affair with great production. Can't complain about that"

- Matt Tomer (

"...there’s no doubt that Configa serves up the production crack for those audio canals. Crisp high hats and snappy base, the tracks have a clean, well produced feel...The three emcees have a lovely contrast in both delivery and within their voices. This contrast comes over lovely on the chunky break of 'Green Power', with it’s Pete Rock vibe sample and greenbacks subject matter, this is a winner like Michael.

'Audio Crack' is an album which rarely steers off the course between solid and banging, making it a very smooth and enjoyable journey indeed. With the skills they display on this release and with Configa’s superbly solid beats behind them, this is a group that could and should get some serious attention"

-2Hip (

"This is that raw hip hop that everybody has been desperately claiming they want back for the past few years....Slept on Fam ferociously feeds the listener that grimy underground hip hop"

- Matt Dunn (

"...this transatlantic crew deliver a hefty dose of punchline-filled verses over Configa's stirring production"

- Ryan Proctor, Blues & Soul Magazine

"the accolades are really starting to pour in including a Group Of The Year honor at the second annual Get ’Em Magazine music awards, where Slept On Fam beat out Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia"

- Adam Bernard (


released February 5, 2010

Executive Produced and Mixed by Configa for Configaration Productions (

All Tracks Produced by Configa for Configaration Productions ( except for 9, 11 and 13.


Mastered by Steve Kitch for AudioMaster (

Layout, Illustration and Graphic Design by Komic (


all rights reserved


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